Lovin' Auntie Tam, Uncle Michael, and Cousin Bells!

On Saturday I wore my Bella as a Pirate outfit from Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael (thank you!) ...  Bella is my Barking "Cousin" that lives with Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael in NYC.

Here I am ... how my sock got by my head, I have no idea:

Gma and Gpa A also came to visit on Saturday.  When are you coming again?  Will you go to Crave cupcakes for me next time?  Thanks for doing Activity Time with me!  Sorry I fell asleep!

Auntie Tam, don't forget we need to Video Chat soon!  Train Wreck Mommy made my getting ready for bedtime 6:30 pm... so we may need to wait until the weekend!  Love you.

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra said...

Cuteness alert!!!! Max you are one handsome stud. Bella sends her love and kisses.

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