Mad Max the Tech Wiz

Auntie Tam and I are starting weekly vid chats.  Next up for us .. possibly a Reality Show ... (watch out Kartrashians!)  Here are a few fun photos from our last session ...

Haha, see above ... Auntie Tam's face!!!  She was startled by my vomit face... takes one to know one, Auntie Tam!

I even wore a onesie and Converse socks Auntie Tam gave me... ick, vomit all over them.  Super Fashion Auntie Tam, I think I need more clothes!  Should we open up a store in Soho together?  Who needs Kim, Kourtney, and the other one... when you have Auntie Tam, Train Wreck Mommy, and Mad Max!

Even Cousin Bells got in the mix.  Auntie Tam, bring Cousin Bells to visit soon!  I still need to go meet Cousin Bailey Bean... I think next weekend!

Love you Auntie Tam!  Tell Uncle Michael to be home next time for our chat.  I'll be sure to save up some good vomit!

xo - Mad Max

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