I'm Hoarding Train Wreck Visitors ...

I loved my train wreck visitors today!!

"Auntie" Norma and "Auntie" JCranc rolled in today ... Train Wrecks, did not disappoint.  JCranc was in full TW force today.  But TW or not, they brought Niko Nikos!!  Yummy!!!  Thank you ladies!  Mad Max loves the ladies who now how to feed us well.

JCranc ... She was very worried about her photos ... so of course, being worried caused them to look like this:

JCranc, Norma, and Mommy are three laughing machines ... all I have to say is, OMG I'm embarrassed, I'll just pretend like I'm asleep... and Mommy had to bring up hoarding poo again.  Enough is enough!

Look at the smile on "Auntie" Norma!  She must loveeeee me.

Here I am... Mad Max...thinking, who ARE these ladies on each side of me.  Just kidding ladies, love yah!  By the way, "Auntie" JCranc ... shoes = not allowed... but pants = required at Mad Max's house ... hahaha!

Come visit again soon!  I didn't even get to show you my magic poo tricks.

-Mad Max


Leigh Anne Rayburn said...

Auntie LAR is such a train wreck that she has broken out into hives because of the stress. Not fit for babies, not even the Super Infant! Maybe next weekend!

Max Stafford Johnson said...

Auntie LAR - stress!? Hives?! Why? Oh no... hang in there... Mad Max is always here waiting for you. xo

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