Mad Max ... Weighing In At ... (2 Month Birthday Part II)

So did I mention yet that I was treated today (on my 2 month birthday) to three shots!  Three!  Think back ... how did you spend your last birthday?

But actually... it wasn't really *that* bad.  Mad Max is a trooper.

Here I am in the doctor's waiting room with my crazy Ramona eyes.  Haha!

Well, your eyes would look like that too if you see all the sick kids that the cat dragged in!  Don't breathe kiddos!

And now ... Mad Max is weighing in at 11 lbs 7 oz .. heavy weight!  I look like I've been getting my spray tans, now haven't I?  I'm just gearing up for a trip to Miami ... Auntie Tam keeps mentioning it.  Although Mommy said "girls only!"... what?  No Mad Max?  Don't you remember how much FUN I was in Vegas ... and at Auntie Tam's wedding?

... I am also measuring now 23" long.  Although Daddy is sure I am taller than that now.  Um, okay, Daddy!

You are all just standing around and looking at me and making me upset.  I pulled out the pout face.  Mommy gets so excited when I do the pout face and tries to take pictures.  She.  Does.  Not.  Get.  It.

Oh look at myself.  Train Wreck.  Reality just hit me that I was at the doc / still at the doc, and I heard someone mention shots ... and not the kind that Mommy and Auntie Tam and guests did at my Baby Shower.  Sigh.

Daddy and I had to wait a while for the doc.  Look what happened ...

So what happened after this photo? ...

So the doc came in and confirmed I was a Super Infant.  It was pretty much a blur really.  She said I was in the 50th Percentile, and at first all Mommy heard was "what!  average!"... but Mad Max reassured her that actually meant, "Super."

So then what happened after that?  Well, the doc said ... "at about 4 months he may start rolling over"... well, well, well doc... I already rolled from tummy to back, which really apparently impresses these adult people.  She said I was just super advanced!

Then all of a sudden a (what I thought was nice) nurse lady came in ... mentioned something about shots, Daddy was looking at the window.... three terribly horrible pricks happened in my leg.. I screamed bloody murder like a Dexter victim, and then it was over.

I have no idea what happened to me, but it wasn't fun.  I didn't cry that long, but I decided to cry for a bit because it seemed like the right thing to do.  Now I sound like Dexter.  

-Mad Max

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