2 Month Birthday Part 10.5 Billion

Just a few more photos to share from my 2 Month Birthday ... since Train Wreck Mommy took 17.5 billion ...

Mommy usually just misses my smiles when she tries to take photos ... muhaha.  She got me this time.

I'm so hood, yo.

Dude, that's my foot ... get your own, please.  Thanks!  (Love you Daddy).

Train Wreck Mommy thought it was a grand idea (well, also Gma A) to put me in Daddy's running shirt ... every month For.  The.  Rest.  Of.  My.  Life.  Or maybe it's every month the first year ... and then every year ... For.  The.  Rest.  Of.  My.  Life.

What did I think about that?  Just see my Ramona Eyes.  That says it all.  I mean, really ... do you want to put on the same shirt for 100 plus years and take a photo?  On your birthday for that matter?  I didnt't think so.  By the way, you MUST click the link above where it says "Ramona Eyes."  Must.  See.  Video.

I wonder what month 3 will bring me? ...

-Mad Max

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