Lovin' on Mad Max

I got some fun gifts this week from my fans!

I just had to share ...

Gma A's friend Suzanne made me a cross.  Mad Max says a big, Thank You!  I love personal handmade gifts.  I'm going to hang it in my room.  I'll take more photos with Mommy.

I also got a really nice card and Piggy Bath Towel from Daddy's friend at work, Nicole.  Thank you!  She got it at one of my favorite places Pottery Barn Kids.  I hope to meet you this week when I visit Daddy at work!

And in the mail I got a surprise card and Buffalo Bayou Partnership onesie from Mommy's friend, Trudi.   Thank you!  I look forward to meeting you ... and checking out the Buffalo Bayou soon!

Gma J also came to visit on Saturday to go running with Daddy.  She brought me a new book!  I needed more books.  Mad Max likes to stay challenged, you know?

-Mad Max

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