Come Roll With Me ...

Okay, I started this entry yesterday, but then Train Wreck Mommy needed to use the computer... so here it is:

What did I do yesterday (Saturday, March 5th)?  I rolled over.  Stomach to back.  Boo-yah!  What did you do yesterday?

Actually ... honestly, I don't know what the big deal is ... I mean after a big work out, and if you were stuck in that position with a crick in your neck ... wouldn't you try to roll over?

Go ahead... lay in that position right now on the floor, and please leave me a comment on how comfortable you are (I will wait!)... I love comments!

Here I am below with Daddy during Activity Time (aka Gym Time) prior to my big roll over accomplishment:

And then below, my push ups ...

Yes, the position above is just the one I asked you to try.  Go ahead!

And ta-dah!  See below.  Wow, brain surgery!

And then later ... I had reading time with my hero, Daddy... and Mommy ...


-Mad Max

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