Mad Max is Lucky

Train Wreck Mommy doesn't get the chance to read too many magazines anymore ... (maybe she hit her capacity after working in media at Gotham Inc. in NYC for several years ... piles of free magazines a day... oh what Mad Max would do for an incoming subscription to Vanity Fair and The New Yorker!)

But one of her favs was always Lucky Magazine.

But even better news for Train Wreck Mommy and Mad Max!  Lucky just launched Lucky Kids.  Mommy, I think someone needs to get us a subscription!

And FYI, of course they are on Facebook and Twitter.

Auntie Tam, Auntie Tam ... do you have a copy laying around your office you can mail us each month?  Love you.

-Mad Max


Tamra @walkswithBella said...

Hi Sweetie, unfortunately I've never seen a Lucky Kids lying around or I would scoop it up for you! Perhaps Auntie Tam just needs to get you a subscription!


Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Awww, Auntie Tam! Love you! Vid soon! I can't wait to see a Lucky Kids mag. xo

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