Another Super Mommy

(Not so Train Wreck?) Mommy said she may start trying to do one sketch a day for my blog ...

She was inspired by "Auntie" Alison's sketch she posted on Facebook.  (Mommy worked with Alison at YES Prep SE ... both Super Art Teachers!).  You may remember that Alison came to visit with Isabel a few weeks ago: Wizards Unite.  Alison created this sketch ... It was titled "when naptime goes wrong"

Haha, Isabel.  You have more tears than me, that's for sure!  Super Crying Isabel!

We look forward to seeing more of your sketches, Alison.

Stay tuned for hopefully some sketches by Mommy.

-Mad Max


Tamra @walkswithBella said...

Love this!! Btw - can you ask your TW mommy to make us our silouhettes? xoxo auntie tam

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Oh my gosh ... I need to make sure that is on Mommy's list! Thanks for the reminder!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

And I'm glad you liked the posting, Auntie Tam! And I'm sure you liked "Auntie" Alison's sketch. xo

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