First Stroller Ride = Thrill. A. Minute.

I'll wonder if I'll look back at this day ... very fondly?

I wonder if I will compare it to getting my first car?

On Sunday ... Train Wreck Mommy and my Hero (Daddy) ... took out the Super Stroller for a spin around the neighborhood.  It was quite an ordeal, but I got them to hold it together.  We figured the whole thing out in less than 24 hours.  Win!  (Yes, we had to resort to looking at the book.  Oh, Mommy!).

Either way ... the one block we went was Super Fun!  (Okay two blocks).  We even went again this evening.  It was slightly more thrilling, and I kept my eyes open for one block further.

Super yay, I say.  I'm thrilled despite my appearances of being asleep.

Wow, the Super Stroller even looks confusing in photos, no?  Mommy, where's my sling?

Here we go ... wheeee!  Slow down, Daddy.  We may get a speeding ticket.

Despite my appearances ... really, I am not overly concerned.

Dad, no cop ... no stop!

-Mad Max


Tamra - walks with Bella said...

who did you learn no cop no stop from??? What kind of stoller is that?

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Train Wreck Mommy taught me!

It's a Super Safe Stroller. Mommy picked me the safest one out there. She must get that from Safety Grandpa!

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