Mad Max Loves Art + Education + Eating: Must Buy!

Wow, I must take after Mommy, right?

I found something perfect that goes with all three of these things ... hint hint!  Must buy, Mommy and Daddy (for when I am a tad bit older).  (And hint, hint to both Grandparents when I come visit!).

I promise not to embarrass you with my advanced vocabulary ... artistic skills and more.  Ahem.

Check out these creative placemats in the article Dinner Just Got Smarter from Baby Center.

They are by a fellow Super Mommy.  You can buy them in that link!

Mad Max loves interactive placemats.  Check out the ones below that you can find at one of my favorite stores Giggle.  There's a store location in my Auntie Tam's neighborhood, SOHO (check out their website for more locations).

And for those you waiting on a blog about the Great Stroller Embarrassment (or a day out with the Train Wreck Ladies) ... stay tuned!  Mad Max is just a very busy Super Infant.

-Mad Max

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