YES Prep SE Electives Team: We Are Taking Over The World.


I had my F1RST visit out of the womb to YES Prep Southeast (home of the Wizards).  A new building and everything!  Boy, they know how to welcome Mad Max properly (although they didn't know I was coming ... well, "Auntie" JCranc did, but she's TW2 so she probably didn't remember.  Love you "Auntie" JCranc!).

I had a very important meeting to attend with the Electives Team (JCranc, Rita, B, Omar, and Michelle... well, we were minus Michelle.  We missed you!  TW!).  It was so nice to meet some of them for the F1RST time.

Here I am.  At the meeting.  With Rita.  Nice smile I got, huh?  I got that from Mommy.  Hah!  I was slightly distracted at the meeting ... our art room looks like a REAL art room.  Such an upgrade for Super Mad Max.

Here I am still at the meeting (obviously) with JCranc and Omar.  B was probably lost without his sidekick Michelle.

Two claps for JCranc for leading the meeting ... Omar for pretending to take notes... and the others for just being there.  And of course for planning my (well, our) upcoming F1RST Electives Exhibition on Thursday, May 12th after school.  Bring it!  Stay tuned for more info about our show.  We hope you can make it!

I was a bit sick to my stomach during the meeting.  Drank too much at lunch.  Would you expect anything less?  Winning (thanks Charlie Sheen)!  Mommy didn't bring enough burp clothes, so I just used her shirt.  And her jeans.  And her arm.  And her hand.  Maybe her hair too.  But then ...

Good thing I pulled myself together ... once it started to spread that Mad Max was in the building .. I knew what it felt like to be Justin Bieber at a local mall on Spring Break.  And Mommy thought it was an appropriate time for a peep show Super Diaper change.

Wow, I look like I drink beer instead of Scotch.  Wizards were laughing at the way I talk.  No need to be jealous of my Brit Accent.  I have enough conversation to go around!  Politics?  The arts?  Literature?  Sports?  Celebrities?  I'm there.  Mommy and I keep up with our reading time.

I need a status report on our meeting by end of business this Friday.

You can sign me up for drinks for our next meeting.

TW Mommy was only able to snap a few photos with a few visitors ... she was distracted by all of the vomit on her clothes.  I'm not claiming it!  We'll have to come back soon to take more photos.

100% missing Mad Max every day that is for sure!  Here I am above looking like a Mini Super Infant with "Auntie" Sarah.

We are discussing the upcoming AP test.  I was slightly upset after realizing I couldn't take it this year.

Blowing some nice gas Auntie LAR's way.  Love you!

I think they were either talking about Common Assessments, Crackheads, or Cupcakes.  It's a toss up.

See everyone again soon!  Photo with Mad Max = possible blog posting!

-Mad Max

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