#1 Super Infant Rockets Fan

Tonight (my Hero!) Daddy and (Train Wreck!) Mommy took me to my first Houston Rockets game (out of my house aka "womb.")  But ... it was actually extra special because it was Clutch the Rockets Bear's Happy Birthday Celebration Game (Happy 16th Birthday!).

Train Wreck Mommy loves Clutch Bear.  Ahem.  I'm the kid now, Mommy!  Just kidding ... you are never too old to be a Clutch fan!  I even helped Mommy recently win two prizes from Clutch's Facebook Fan Page this last week or so.  We won Clutch beads (for our photo caption) ...and I even won Rockets tix (Mommy took JCranc.. she needed a night away!  TW!) (for our photo with a caption).

Mad Max with the Clutch Beads

Here is the photo that won us Rockets tix (see Clutch's Facebook page for our winning caption!).  See me in my comfy house!?

Now below is a photo from tonight ... my new and improved house!  Just kidding.  Look at me in my Super Sling.  Mommy, I think we need a Houston Rockets RED sling.  Here we are below waiting for Clutch Bear (plus other Mascot friends) to come out so we can take photos with them.  Or maybe everyone standing in line is waiting to meet me.  Highly possible.  Mad Max in the hiz-ouse!

Mommy really misses her fav (former) Rockets player Shane Battier, but maybe our new favorite player can be Patrick Patterson!  Here I am above comparing my Super Infant feet to Patrick Patterson's feet.  What do you think, fans?  Almost there?  I also am wearing my Converse shoes for the first time (thank you Auntie Tam and "Auntie" Tiff ... I have two sets of shoes!).  I would have worn my Rockets onesy, but I already grew out of it (I am a Super Infant).

See there is P Pat above.

Anxiously waiting to meet Clutch Bear ... or is it the other way around?  He's anxious to meet Mad Max!

What do yah think?  I think Blake Griffin better watch out.  

Mad Max and Clutch!  Look at Daddy lurking with his arm ... safety Daddy!

Hey Dad, umm ... okay you can get me now.  I think Train Wreck Mommy got the photo.

Clutch and Mini-Clutch

Getting autographs from Rocky and Slamson.

And then Boomer and Coyote.

Wow.  Crazy Ramona eyes!

I'm mesmerized by the starting lineup.  Or am I working on a good poo poo?

Clutch and his friends entertained us with some great dunks!

And then there was a dance off between Rockets Power Dancers and the mascots.  Need I say more?

Great game!  The Rockets of course defeated the Utah Jazz.  Thanks for taking me Daddy!  It was nice to meet you Clutch.  I can't wait until Mommy and Daddy schedule you for one of my future birthday parties.

Here is some swag we got from the game tonight.  We got a Clutch Bear lunch box (perfect for my "lunches" I'm taking to Gma A's!) ... and Daddy bought me a new (Clutch Bear!) onesy since I grew out of my old one.  Thanks Daddy!

-Mad Max

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Tamra @walkswithBella said...

Mino, future Rocket!!! You are Clutch are like BFFs, so awesome. Loved the photos and the video. I am not surprised you are winning awards at 2 months.

xoxo auntie tam

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Auntie Tam, thanks for always visiting and leaving great comments! I love you! Winning! I can't wait to go to my next Rockets game.

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