Block Party

Who doesn't love Etsy?  You can buy super hip (super infant) items ... while supporting small businesses / artists.  Train Wreck Mommy and Auntie Tam always find the best stuff for Mad Max ... !

Mad Max is in the market for some Alphabet Blocks.  And of course black is a necessary color.  I play with black and wear black on the outside because I feel black on the inside ... I'm very hipster goth rocker like that.

Check out these awesome blocks by Tiny Giraffe.  My 3 month birthday is coming!  Hint Hint!

What creative finds have you bought from Etsy?

-Mad Max


Anonymous said...

those blocks are so cool! I have my eye on this for isabel:
who knows if I'll ever be able to buy it!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

That's super cute, "Auntie" Alison. Can't you draw and paint something like that on her wall?!

Don't you love Etsy?

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