Street Art By A 10 Year Old

Like Mommy ... I'm a big fan of street art.

I'm even a bigger fan of Infants that do street art! (... watch out for my debut ... Mommy said I can't start until this summer... any suggestions on street names?)...

And failing that, I'm a big fan of Kids that do street art.

I'm loving the ambition of young Gracie.  You must check out these links!

Be sure to also check out their family blog.

Street Art by Aaron Zenz's Kid: Gracie
I'm a big fan, Gracie and family!  You inspire me.  I hope you check out my blog too.

And to my fans... more soon because do you know what today is?  Today is Mad Max's 2 month birthday!  Much to update you on.

-Mad Max


Z-Kids said...

Thanks Max!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

No, thank you Z-Kids! Mad Max has much to learn! Thanks for stopping by!

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