Oh, Mommy ... there's an app for that!

Lately Train Wreck Mommy is CK Obsessed with her iPhone and apps (and she's hoping to see the new iPad in her future ... which would be good for Mad Max of course since I am becoming a Professional Super Infant Blogger and Viral YouTube Star and conquering the world, etc... etc..).

So of course I had to share this handy tidbit on Playdate Apps for Smartphones.  You must check this out!  You too ... may need it.  Every day is like a world of playdates for me (although I'm not sure that I've officially ever had one) ... so I will do anything to help keep Train Wreck Mommy together.

Train Wreck Mommy of course downloaded all of the free ones already.  If you do so and sign up (free!), be sure to let her know.  I think our favorite so far is RedRover.  We are suckers for most anything nicely designed.

Let Train Wreck Mommy know if you signed up for it, and find her (RedRover)!  Mad Max loves to make dates.  Hello, Super Ladies!

And besides playdates ... there are other features like Super Infant-Friendly places around you, Clean Bathrooms around you, and more.  (Mommy and I used a Changing Table for the first time in a restaurant the other day.  Let's just say when Mommy was trying not to vomit on me ... she was screaming "don't touch anything!  Mommy will hurry!"..).

More app suggestions soon!  And more Mad Max soon ... I know you've been waiting for that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Mad Max

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