Bedtime Stories with Celeb Babies

Train Wreck Mommy and Auntie Tam love the Kardashian sisters (well, really, I mean who wouldn't?  Mad Max loves them too ... haha!).  I think they remind them of how they are when they get together... dragging each other around and such.  (You should see these two together!  I was in Vegas!).

So of course I had to share the recent blog post by Kim Kardashian with her nephew, Mason ... they are having reading time.  Check out the link here:

Aunt Kim and Mason - Reading Time

So a few things ...

1) Mommy said my younger brother might be named Mason.  Either that or Danger.  But not after the Kardashian of course.

2) What are they reading?  How do we know they are reading?

3) Where can I get Mason's super comfy looking outfit?  It looks like an outfit from Giggle, but I am not sure.

4) Where can Mommy get those jeans?

5) Even better ... where can she get that sweater wrap looks comfy for Mad Max, haha.

And finally ... 6) Auntie Tam!  Auntie Tam!  We need a reading photo shoot next time I see you.

-Mad Max

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